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Bollywood Dancing

When starting out in Bollywood dancing you may be concerned about embracing another culture, which you have no previous experience of. Fear not though. Bollywood classes are designed for everyone and feature a wide range of people from all age groups and ability levels. When it comes to clothing, don’t feel the need to wear anything too elaborate. Some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt will do it.
Bollywood Masala
Bollywood Masala dancing is an expressive form of movement based around the popular Indian film genre. Fusing classical Indian steps with folk,and other Indian styles, it offers a slow steady and vivacious dancing Movements that is great for enjoyable group exercise.

Hip-hop dance
Hip-hop dance refers to dance styles primarily danced to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking,locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s by Americans . What separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that it is often freestyle in nature and hip-hop dancers frequently engage in battles—formal or informal freestyle dance competitions.

Jazz dance
Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality. Every jazz dancer interprets and executes moves and steps in their own way. Jazz dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance.

Bollywood Modern
Bollywood Modern Dancing offers a fun and expressive workout, incorporating folk,funk,latin,Hip- Hop and other western styles of dance. It is an exotic and exciting way of getting your body fit and healthy through Indian exercise. Bollywood dancing requires the participant to fully engage with the musical beats they are moving to, This develops the body’s natural rhythm, as well as its balance and coordination skills. Our short guideline on how Bollywood dancing can put you on the road to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Semi – Classical
This dance form epitomises, rhythm, expressions and melody, Semi- Classical is based on the oldest and richest Indian classical dance originating from the state of Tamil Nadu.. This is a temple art. Semi Classical dance, gradually lured other men/women also by its, grace, purity and tenderness. This dance became a form to express the spiritual aspects of human beings, harmonizing the tal and emotions.

Bollywood Contemporary Fusing traditional Indian folk rhythms with aspects of hip-hop, Latin and jazz dances, Bollywood contemporary dancing is a frantic and fun activity perfect for enjoying with solo duet or group.
Hip Hop Hip Hop Develops from several cultures, including jazz, rock , tap and American and latino. Hip Hop is a very energetic form of dancing .it is unique in that it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement , adding in their own personalities .

Developing aerobic exercise -

Bollywood dance is incredibly active and provides the body with some great aerobic exercise, boosting the oxygen supply to key muscles and therefore improving muscular resistance over time.

Toning the body -

The outgoing and expressive beats of Bollywood dance music can’t help but get your body moving quickly. This is great for burning off calories and toning key muscle groups such as the calf muscles.

Relieving stress -

Bollywood dancing provides a happy and fun version of traditional Indian dance. As a result, it’s great for helping you forget your worries, with dance routines refreshing the mind and blowing cobwebs away.