About Classes

Bollywood Groove


Groove to the intoxicating rhythms of the latest Bollywood tunes!

A full choreography class suitable for dance novices, beginners / intermediate

Masala / Mash Up / Bolly Funk

Stronger rhythms and high energy moves for those who relish a bit of a challenge and wish to try different styles.

An intermediate level full choreography class suitable for those with some dance experience. 

Mash Up & Bolly Funk will be suitable for beginners / intermediate level

Bollywood Beginners

A short choreography class suitable for dance novices and beginners or for those who are not able to come regularly.  Familarise yourself with the catchy rhythms and pick up basic techniques at your own pace.

Kids Classes

The catchy beats & rhythms of Bollywood  is just the thing to channel kids energy to!

We have Kids Bollywood for beginners and intermediate level. We would suggest a minimum age of 4 years for Kids Beginners.

Package Rates

Adult classes

10 classes over 5 weeks       $180/-

10 classes over 10 weeks      $220/-

20 classes over 10 weeks      $320/-

Kids classes

8 classes over 8 weeks          $180/-

Per class                                 $25/-

One off registration fee of $20/- is applicable.

Dance Fitness Package Rates

8 classes over 8 weeks       $120/-

Per class                              $20/-

FatBurn Extreme

8 classes over 8 weeks         $160/-

Per class                                $25/-

Trial Class                              $10/-

One off registraion fee of $20/- is applicable

About Classes

Dance Fitness Classes


It;s time to get in some exercise to maintain your work life balance! Come and exercise and have fun at the same time!

Bolly Dazz - a good workout to Bollywood tunes

Piloxing - A combination of Pilates / Boxing / Dance

Salsation & Zumba coming soon!

Salsation / Bolly Dazz Dance Fitness

Salsation is a spicy mix of salsa & sensation combining different rhythms, cultures, dances & fitness protocols.  It has a strong focus on musicality & lyrical expression.  

Bolly Dazz brings to you the sounds and sights of Bollywood's best moves in a energetic and exciting dance based routine combining cardio, resistance & strength. 

FatBurn Extreme

Fatburn Extreme is a short, safe and highly effective program to reduce body fat / boost metabolism / increase stamina / increase functional speed & strength thereby resulting in weight loss and overall improvement in health.

“Maximum intensity - Rest based” training, involving body weight exercises, tailored to individual fitness level. This is a participant-friendly program - personal training in group setting.