About Classes

Bollywood Groove



Groove to the intoxicating rhythms of the latest Bollywood tunes with Bollywood Groove for both gals & guys! 

A full choreography class suitable for dance novices, beginners / intermediate level. 


Masala / Desi Twist (intermediate)


Stronger rhythms and high energy moves for those who relish a bit of a challenge and wish to try different styles.

An intermediate level full choreography class suitable for those with some dance experience. 

Awaken your inner grace with the sensuous & graceful moves in the ladies only Desi Twist class.

A short choreography class at intermediate level - some dance experience is advised.  

Desi Beats / Bollywood Beginners


A short choreography class suitable for dance novices and beginners or those who would like to keep fit in a fun way.  Familarise yourself with the catchy rhythms and pick up basic techniques at your own pace.

Kids Classes


The catchy beats & rhythms of Bollywood  is just the thing to channel kids energy to!

We have Kids Bollywood for beginners and intermediate level. We would suggest a minimum age of 4 years for Kids Beginners.

Package Rates

Adult classes

10 classes over 5 weeks       $180/-

10 classes over 10 weeks      $220/-

20 classes over 10 weeks      $320/-

20 classes over 20 weeks      $400/-

Kids classes

8 classes over 8 weeks          $180/-

Per class                                 $25/-

One off registration fee of $20/- is applicable.

Hip Hop / Jazz Funk


Jazz funk incorporates little bits and pieces of other dance genres and wraps into a funky style that is both fun and expressive!  

Hip Hop  incorporates a range of street dance styles which have evolved from the Hip Hop culture and rap, breaking, locking popping, whacking styles.

Suitable for Beginners / Intermediate levels

About Classes

Dance Fitness Classes



It;s time to get in some exercise to maintain your work life balance! Come and exercise and have fun at the same time!

Desi Beats - a good workout to Bollywood tunes

Piloxing - A combination of Pilates / Boxing / Dance

Zumba - a perenial favorite workout 

FatBurn Extreme


Fatburn Extreme is a short, safe and highly effective program to reduce body fat / boost metabolism / increase stamina / increase functional speed & strength thereby resulting in weight loss and overall improvement in health.

“Maximum intensity - Rest based” training, involving body weight exercises, tailored to individual fitness level. This is a participant-friendly program - personal training in group setting.

Dance Fitness Package Rates


8 classes over 8 weeks       $144/-

Per class                              $25/-

FatBurn Extreme

8 classes over 8 weeks         $160/-

Per class                                $25/-

Members may use their existing package!

One off registration fee of $20/- is applicable